We popped over to Yelp to see what the general opinion was on our favorte local spots right here in East Texas.

A friend recently brought up the idea of checking out the best restaurants in Nacogdoches, via Yelp. Since it was something I had not considered looking into before, I gave it a shot. You could say that I was somewhat surprised by the results.

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    Java Jacks

    So yes, in my opinion, it is one of the best places to get coffee within the Nac city limits. But I always think of it as just a coffee house. I don't think of it as a restaurant. Normally, I just go in and grab a cup of coffee and head out the door.

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    T Sandwiches

    This is the little sandwich place that can be found in the University Mall. I've never actually tried any of their food for myself, but I have heard good things about their pho.

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    Clear Springs

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    Dolli's Diner

    This one, I can totally agree with. The food here is just down-home American diner food. The breakfasts are always good, in my opinion, and the coffee is great.

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