Travel from Americans to the EU is already banned, and it may continue.

More than 30 countries in Europe are on schedule to open up their borders again next week, but don't get too excited - they may continue their ban on American travelers.

Non-essential travel to Europe has been shut down since mid-March. As for the United States, we've barred travelers from entering the country who have visited China, Brazil, and 28 other countries. Now, with travel restrictions being relaxed and even lifted, the world is trying to figure out how to deal with COVID-19.

Right now, members of the EU are debating a list of countries from which to allow travelers when they open their borders back up, and there's a great chance that the United States will NOT be on that list.

A spokesperson told ABC News that considerations will be made "based on objective criteria, the first among them being the epidemiological situation in a given country, which should be as good as or better than in the EU."

Parts of the United States have seen a dramatic increase in their coronavirus numbers in the last week as states have relaxed their restrictions. States like Texas, Arizona, and Florida have seen major spikes in their numbers; Texas and Florida's Governors have already started to pause their reopening procedures.

Experts say that this would be a devastating blow for airlines; about 15 million Americans travel to Europe every year. The move to continue the ban on American travelers is seen as a "rebuke" against the Trump administration.

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