The following post contains SPOILERS for The Mandalorian “Chapter 11 - The Heiress.”

On this week’s Mandalorian, Mando actually finds more Mandalorians — and not just any old Mandalorians but Bo-Katan Kryze, one of the most important Mandalorian characters in all of Star Wars, and a fixture on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone WarsBut what’s her deal?

In the video below, we explain Bo-Katan’s history, as well as her connection to the larger history of Mandalore. The video also discusses the darksaber, the all-important weapon that appeared in the Season 1 finale of The Mandalorian that Bo-Katan is hunting for in this episode. You’ll also see how Mando himself connects to Bo-Katan through a splinter group called Death Watch, and how she knows Ahsoka Tano, the former Jedi Padawan that Bo-Katan instructs Mando to find at the end of “The Heirness” and who will almost certainly appear in a future episode of The Mandalorian.

Get all that and more in our explainer video below:

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