A few weeks back, we posted a story about the K-Mart in the Angelina Shopping Center closing down. Since then, we've seen the store closing signs and have even had people come talk to us about the closing of the store. As I drove by today, the reality of the store closing really sunk in as I watched them take the "Big K-Mart" sign down via crane.

For as long as I can remember, that K-Mart has been there in the same spot in that shopping center. I never frequented the store. Not that I had anything against it, I just didn't go in very often.

Now, knowing that the only thing left will be the empty shell of a store - at least until something new is put in - is a strange feeling. Even though there is the curiosity of wondering what will replace K-Mart, it's still sad to know that something that has been there for so long will no longer be there.

As I drove by today, seeing the men on the crane lowering the K-Mart sign, not to change it, but to remove it permanently, was a sad thing.

But, there was also a feeling of excitement. One of wondering what new store or business will be moving in.

In closing, I just want to leave you with the pictures that I captured of the day that K-Mart came to a close...


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