It's always a dilemma for parents.


Kids create art from the heart all year long in school, and although you've trashed some of it here and there, the end-of-the-year stack takes some consideration because there is guilt involved.  Keep it or junk it?

Piper is 4 now, and she cranks out the most art work at preschool.  And it all means something to her.  She thinks about it, she creates it with someone or something mind, it's cute, and she wants to hang all of it on the refrigerator.  If she turns her back and some of those pictures with glued-on pasta pieces happen to end up in the trash, she'll dig them out and say,  "Mama, how did that get in the trash?"  Oops!  "I don't know sweet pea!"

Kallan is 6 and Finley just turned 8, and I have several years worth of their art work in the attic, and now there's a stack of homework and graded papers to sort through from this school year.  What to do, what to do.  Should I save it, so they can look back fondly on it when they're 75?

I don't want to hurt those precious babies' feelings, and I also can't stand clutter!  Box it up and put it out of sight in the attic?  How do you handle it?


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