Every year, people become so enamored with Thanksgiving and all the things that the holiday entails.

But there's always those times that we do something that just makes the holiday somewhat off, or even a tad bit awkward. These are the things that might take away a little bit from the greatness that is Thanksgiving.

So, to help you out this year, I've compiled a list of things to avoid over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

  • TSM LUfkin
    TSM LUfkin

    Diet Foods

    This one is pretty much for Thanksgiving Day, or whenever you partake in Thanksgiving feasts. Indulge, enjoy, and grab that extra piece of pie. You can diet or whatever later.

  • Drew Angerer, Getty Images
    Drew Angerer, Getty Images

    Political Conversations

    Truth be told, this would be a good one to avoid year-round, but especially during the holidays. No one really cares what your political stance is, as long as they get family time and good food. Don't ruin it for them.

  • Sploid, YouTube
    Sploid, YouTube

    Easily-Congested Roads

    These usually need to be avoided right before the holiday, and ESPECIALLY on Black Friday. Whether it's North Street in Nacogdoches, The loop in Lufkin, or elsewhere, you probably want to do your best to avoid them.

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    I don't care if you think that your going to miss out on Granny's homemade brussel sprout surprise, or watching Uncle Joe taking shots of gravy, a $200+ ticket does not bring ANYBODY joy. The local law enforcement is out there doing their job, and if you're going mach-2, their job is to pull you over.

  • Paul Natkin, Getty Images
    Paul Natkin, Getty Images

    That One Family Member

    Everybody's got them. Whether it's the uncle with the government conspiracy theories (you were warned about these conversations in list item #2), or the aunt that feels you need to be kissed every single time you see her, you may want to avoid them as much as possible. Eventually you'll have to acknowledge them, but just don't get cornered. Remember, if you're ticked, it can become contagious.

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