Yes, I know that votes are still being counted. We're not sure how long that will take. However, the actual Election Day is over. And, with that being said, I have discovered what my absolute favorite part of being done with Election Day is. Do you know what that is?


That's right. I can now watch television and not see an ad pop up on the screen telling me what evil one candidate did, or what amazing things another candidate will do if they were elected.

For now, we won't be hearing any ads ending with the phrase "Political ad paid for by *insert campaign group here*", or, "I'm *insert candidate name here* and I approved this message."

No, for now, we're done with that. Now we can go back to our regularly scheduled shopping commercials, vehicle ads, etc.

I probably shouldn't be as excited about this, but the thing is...I am. We hear enough about politics and everything without having to watch more of it between segments of our favorite shows. We're ready to be done with the politics for now. And, without those ads, it makes it easier to deal with.

What about you? Are you as glad as I am to see the political ads go away? I know that they're going to be right back in full force before too long, but for right now, they're done.

Yes, that's the best part of being done with Election Day. Period.

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