I've been doing the online dating thing for about six months, and as you might guess I haven't had that much success with it because I'm still doing it.

It has been a wild ride for sure, but nothing up to this point can compare with the crazy thing that happened Friday night.  I'm a little offended and entertained by it at the same time!

Have you ever had someone try to invoice you, to get you to pay for past dates after you both decided you didn't like each other?  Are you kidding me?

I had a second date on Friday night, and he picked up the tab for drinks.  The conversation had fizzled by that point and it was to the semi-awkward not-talking-much stage, so we ended the night and walked separately to our cars.  About an hour later I was at home when I got a text from him, saying if he had known I wasn't that interested he would have "preferred not to waste that money on drinks."  And he wanted me to pay up for my share.

The back story on us is too lengthy for this blog, but this is a guy I've known for about four months, so even though it was only our second date we weren't strangers by any means.  Here's the side note....At one point I told him I would buy his son's old Wii because I needed one.  He concluded the only reason I went out with him Friday night was to get the Wii (he didn't bring it) and he felt used.  I thought it was a real date and I was indeed interested in him up until that point, and the Wii was not my motivation. That's the gist.

I'm not lying when I tell you that he sent me 63 texts on Saturday asking me to pay for half the tab Friday night, PLUS half that tab on our first date a couple of weeks earlier.  All totaled, with dinner and drinks the two tabs came to about $180 and he was not going to rest until he recouped my half.  63 texts!  I kid you not!  He was asking me to "do the right thing" and pay up, calling me "dishonest," and saying I "have no class."

Is it bad that I'm laughing just thinking about it?  Does laughing about it mean I have no class?!  I can't help it!  Once you decide you don't want to date someone, don't you just pack your bags and head in a new direction, and wish them the best in their future endeavors?  Does it matter who paid for the rum and diets during the process of figuring out you don't like each other?  It seems to me that paying the tab on a date is just a risk you take.  If you pay for tickets to a baseball game and your team loses it's sad, but that doesn't mean you get your money back.  Sometimes experiences that start out hopeful turn sour, right?

I'm not the type of girl who always expects the guy to pay.  I have picked up my share of tabs or split tabs.  This guy just beat me to it and then got mad about it.  Boys!