Brides and grooms are thinking small right now, and that means it will be a huge year for micro-weddings in Tyler.

After cancellations, travel restrictions, and closed venues in 2020, brides and grooms are ready to get married already!

Spring and summer seasons are big for weddings every year, but this will be an especially monstrous year as wedding venues try to handle the normal rush, and re-book last year's cancellations too.

Since East Texas isn't in a place to host huge crowds with hundreds of wedding guests just yet, brides and grooms will opt for smaller ceremonies, according to The Knot.  The Zoom wedding trend lasted for a minute last year, and now couples are back to wanting the real deal, but on a smaller scale.

According to The Knot, only 7% of couples decided to cancel their weddings last year, but the vast majority had to change plans in some way.  The Knot also said about 4 in 10 couples went ahead with a scaled-down wedding.

Intimate backyard weddings might turn out to be the most popular option this spring and summer around Tyler, weather willing.  Some couples are opting for destination weddings too, with just a few friends and family members making the trip with them.  They're choosing places like the Caribbean and Mexico, where travel restrictions are loosening and some venues offer wedding packages for up to 50 guests.

Remember those guest lists of the past that quickly grew to three hundred people because you didn't want to leave out that sorority sister from college that you only sort of knew but felt obligated to invite because she was best friends with a bridesmaid?  And then you invited your philosophy professor too, because why not.  Those days are over.  A whittled-down guest list allows brides to leave off the riff-raff and stick to a tight-knit group of friends and family, and it's the stress reliever that weddings probably needed.  With smaller weddings, there's also less anxiety over color schemes and flower arrangements.

Tomorrow, we'll highlight some of the best wedding venues in East Texas, so check back!  No matter how you handle the wedding, the end result is the same.  Congrats on finding your happily-ever-after, and good luck.

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