It was brought to my attention next week is a special online holiday, Amazon Prime Day 2019. (July 15-16th)

This day is filled with small and large discounts all over the website. One of the best deals includes the Fire TV Recast ,which is already marked down $100! (normally $229.99)

Products such as the Echo Dot will be marked down 50% during the holiday. Other items will be discounted such as clothes, smart devices, and even groceries!

According to Business Insider preparing for prime day can be stressful, so I’ve made a list of some helpful tips to prepare for prime day.

  1. Set up a Prime Account for free using the 30–day free trial.
  2. Keep your eye on the Lighting Deals during the day for some great savings. Once the deals gone they’re gone… Good luck getting any work done.
  3.  Finally, don’t assume Amazon has the best deals, other retailers will be discounting items as well to compete with Prime Day. Walmart, Target And eBay have plan to have deals.

A spoiler alert of Prime Day Deals has been released for the 2019.

Using these tips and some impulsive buying should lead to a great prime day!

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