Some of you may have associated yesterday with the movie 'Mean Girls' because of the scene with Lindsey Lohan talking about it being October 3rd. If this is your type of mindset, then today is an even bigger day, because of a classic movie reference.

Today should be dedicated to a beer deliverin', trucking legend of a man, and a sheriff that's not quite as great as he thinks he is. If you're having trouble following my train of thought here, all you have to do is think a little bit.

Today is October 4th. That's 10-4-17. Cut the year off and the date is written as 10-4. The movie reference? It's 'Smokey And The Bandit'! The CB phrase '10-4' can be found all throughout this classic movie!

I think that today deserves more attention than a 'Mean Girls' reference. I mean, come on. You've got a hilarious movie with high-speed car chases, bootlegging, country music star Jerry Reed, classic cars, and a basset hound named Fred! What more could you want?

Now that I've got your attention to dates and great movies alike, can you think of any other movie reference days that are coming up soon? We all know ones like "May the 4th". We're looking for some originals that are less known.

With that being said, Happy Smokey And The Bandit Day to y'all!

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