If you haven’t seen today’s extremely large news about Tommy Lee, here’s the gist of it: Images purportedly of the Motley Crue drummer's genitals were uploaded to his social media account, once again sparking discussion about the rocker's penis.

This -- of course -- is not the first time that Tommy’s jimmy has gotten worldwide attention. After the rocker’s sex tape with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson became a pop culture sensation in the mid-’90s, people across the globe marveled at the musician’s equipment (no, we don’t mean his drums).

At that time, Lee’s oversized endowment became fodder for late night television hosts. An episode of MTV’s claymation series Celebrity Deathmatch even featured “Tommy Lee” fighting pornographic actor “Ron Jeremy,” with both characters shown in rooster outfits in what was dubbed a “celebrity cock fight.”

But in 2022, one doesn’t have to wait for TV writers to pen one-liners about Lee and his member. The world is full of amateur comedians, and social media gives them an easy apparatus to push their jokes to the masses.

From memes to gifs, photoshopped images to simple satire, the internet has been flooded with material as Lee and his phallus have once again gone viral. Though some have suggested it could be a strange marketing plan for Hulu’s Pam & Tommy miniseries -- currently up for 10 Emmy awards -- such a concept seems extremely far-fetched. Lee, after all, was not involved with the production.

The image -- which we've decided to keep out of this post -- was uploaded to Lee's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. On two of those, the picture was accompanied with the caption "Ooooopppsss." There has been no official word from Lee regarding the image, though he has since posted several jokes making light of the situation.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of social media’s funniest reactions to the picture.


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