As many of you know, this past Wednesday marked the beginning of the 33rd Annual Forest Festival. There were food vendors, carnival rides, petting zoos, dinosaurs, and so much more. Then, on Friday night the crowd welcomed to the stage an east Texas native - Tracy Byrd.

At 8:30, his band took to the stage in the George H. Henderson Expo Center, but Tracy was nowhere to be found. So, the band, led by a 27-year-old lead guitarist, proceeded to play a Restless Heart song, "That Rock Won't Roll". About halfway through the song, Tracy could be seen standing behind the stage, watching his band with a smile on his face.

As the Restless Heart song came to a close, Tracy Byrd took the stage to the cheers of all the fans in the Expo Center, and from there, it was quite the memorable experience.

T-Byrd kicked off his show with "All-American Texan" the title track off his newest album. From there, he did work in newer songs, but he also brought all his classics along with him.

Everything from his first single "Holding Heaven", to "Drinkin' Bone" to "Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo" was played on Friday night. And of course, there were the iconic love songs of "Let Me Be In Love", and my personal favorite, "Keeper of the Stars". Every one of the songs was filled with the same intensity and greatness that Tracy brought into them when they were new.

After an awesome set list of new and old Tracy Byrd greats, along with a great showcase of musical talent from the band, he closed with one of his most memorable tunes, "Watermelon Crawl". It seemed everyone in the crowd was singing along with him.

As the band was wrapping up the song with an instrumental, Tracy concluded the concert by thanking fans for coming out, shaking hands, and signing autographs from the stage.

It was an unforgettable night of country music greatness, and an incredible addition to this year's Texas State Forest Festival. If you weren't in the George H. Henderson Expo Center on Friday night, you definitely missed an awesome night out with Tracy Byrd.

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