Seeing an international trailer for a Hollywood-made blockbuster can be an unexpectedly illuminating experience. Taking note of what elements get subtracted or added when appealing to a global audience speaks volumes about what studios and ad executives think will play across the Atlantic and Pacific. For instance, when advertising a mega-budgeted action assault, it’s best to frontload the universal, and in the instance of Transformers: The Last Knight, the cultural-divide spanning material happens to be the “comedy” of an alien robot dinosaur spitting out a chewed-up car covered in viscous green slime.

That’s one of the many wonders contained within the international trailer for the latest installment of Michael Bay’s giant-loud-things-smashing franchise. Meanwhile, our man Mark Wahlberg exchanges some light banter with his new charge, Anthony Hopkins maintains a straight face for the entirety of his time onscreen, and the one and only Cogman relays an important message to our heroes. Elsewhere, alien robot dinosaurs fly through the sky, and massive heaps of churning metal hurtle towards other, differently colored heaps of churning metal. It’s a Transformers movie; anyone attending knows the drill by now.

It’s impressive that no matter how many trailers for this movie a person watches, they still get no clearer idea of the plot of this new film. There’s been a betrayal of some sort? But also they’re knights? And we’re going to find out why these robots in disguise keep gravitating towards Earth for their great battles? Hey, they gotta earn that two-hour-plus run time somehow! Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 21.

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