Trivium's Matt Heafy has covered Slipknot's new song—and in hurried fashion. The musician recorded an acoustic version of "Unsainted" Friday (May 17) after fans challenged him to quickly learn the song. It was part of the Trivium frontman's frequent "KiichiChaosKaraoke" bit on his Twitch channel, where the singer and guitarist learns a voter-determined cover song as quickly as possible.

Watch the video result down toward the bottom of this post.

"Unsainted" was unveiled by Slipknot just 24 hours prior. Last Thursday, the masked metalheads dropped the follow-up single to last year's "All Out Life," and they performed both tunes on Friday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!The track is featured on Slipknot's upcoming album, We Are Not Your Kind, due Aug. 9.

Not that Trivium have been quiet. Their own new jam "Drowning in the Sound" also dropped May 17, the outtake following a track redux and Type O Negative cover from the group who accurately predicted Tool's album release.

Matthew Kiichichaos Heafy, "Unsainted" (Slipknot cover)

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