A box set containing unheard music written and sung by Bon Scott will be released later this month, Cherry Red Records announced.

Before finding fame with AC/DC, Scott fronted Fraternity for four years. In that time, they released two albums, Livestock and Flaming Galah, but they also recorded enough material to be assembled into a third album, Second Chance, which rounds out the new set.

A total of 45 songs appear on Fraternity: Seasons of Change – The Complete Recordings 1970-1974.

“Scott’s tenure with Fraternity has been poorly documented on the reissue market,” the label said in a statement. “Half a century later, Seasons of Change finally seeks to amend this oversight. Curated in conjunction with surviving band members Bruce Howe, John Freeman, Sam See, John Bisset, Uncle John Eyers (and the estate of Mick Jurd) and their original manager Hamish Henry, this three-CD set seeks to offer the complete recorded output … utilizing the original master tapes and best possible remastering sources.”

Bonus tracks include a collaboration with Vince Lovegrove of the Valentines – Scott’s previous band – and a recording of a performance that won Fraternity the title of Australia’s No. 1 Band. Also featured are a collection of live tracks, sleeve notes and unseen band photos.

“It has been a dream come true to work with one of Australia’s most important pioneering pub-rock bands,” said writer Victor Marshall, who discovered the lost material while researching a book about the group’s history. “This project could not have been possible without the generosity of the band. … I hope that all the members of Fraternity will finally receive the recognition they deserve and have their real story told.”

You can see the track listing for the set below.

'Fraternity: Seasons of Change - The Complete Recordings 1970-1974' Track Listing
Disc One: 'Livestock'
1. “Livestock”
2. “Somerville”
3. “Raglan's Folly”
4. “Cool Spot”
5. “Grand Canyon Suites”
6. “Jupiter Landscape”
7. “You Have A God”
8. “It”

Bonus Tracks
9. “Why Did It Have To Be Me?”
10. “Question”
11. “Seasons Of Change” (Single Version)
12. “Somerville” (Single Version)
13. “The Race Part 1”
14. “The Race Part 2”

Disc Two: 'Flaming Galah'
1. “Welfare Boogie”
2. “Annabelle”
3. “Seasons Of Change”
4. “If You Got It”
5. “You Have A God”
6. “Hemming’s Farm”
7. “Raglan’s Folly”
8. “Getting Off”
9. “Somerville R.I.P.”
10. “Canyon Suite”

Bonus Tracks
11. “The Shape I’m In”
12. “If You Got It”
13. “Raglan’s Folly”
14. “You Have A God”
15. “Seasons Of Change” / “If You Got It” (Hoadley’s Battle Of The Sounds 1971)

Disc Three: 'Second Chance'
1. “Second Chance”
2. “Tiger”
3. “Going Down”
4. “Requiem”
5. “Patch Of Land”
6. “Cool Spot” (Alternative Version)
7. “Hogwash”
8. “Chest Fever”
9. “Little Queenie”
10. “The Memory”
11. “Just Another Whistle Stop”
12. “No Particular Place To Go”
13. “Livestock”
14. “Rented Room Blues”
15. “Get Myself Out Of This Place (Alias Getting Off)”
16. “That’s Alright Momma”


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