You've seen our posts on here before about the University Mall. The last one that we posted was from April, as they were just beginning to start updating. If you don't remember that one, you can go to it by clicking the link below:

Well, now those changes that began back in April are in full-swing! To give you an idea of the changes that are taking place, check out some of the pictures that we were able to snap over the weekend!

Check It Out: University Mall Updates Taking Shape 07/12/20

There they are. The University Mall updates. It looks like it is slowly becoming a more of a strip-mall than a tradition walk-in mall. I don't know what the completion date is on the stores, but as you can see, it can't be that far least for this side of the mall.

Be sure to keep checking back here, as we'll keep you updated about the University Mall updates (see what I did there???).

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