You may want to be wary of your grammar the next time you wish to express yourself so eloquently in a public forum.

Did you know that certain laws prohibit swearing in public?  I'm betting that a Vidor man by the name of George Carnahan, Jr. didn't know this either.

This all took place inside the emergency room in June at Memorial Medical Center-Lufkin.  As the story goes, Carnahan had already gotten too close to a security guard, and according to unnamed sources, was causing "trouble".

When police arrived on the scene, Carnahan was asked to step outside of the building - twice.  His answer was he "(expletive) did not have to".  When asked for his name, again he responded with a verse of swearing.

Seems like he was given a minimum of three chances to comply with the officer's orders.  Carnahan was eventually arrested on a Class "C" Disorderly-Conduct Language charge, then released after posting a $500 bond.

There can be times when police are over zealous in their authority, but in this case, asking someone to step outside a building, then giving your name, seems like good preventive medicine (well, this did happen at the hospital)  --  to avoid arrest.

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