A cellist named Raphael Weinroth-Brown has recorded an inventive version of Meshuggah’s “Bleed.” The cover blurs the already closely tied lines between classical music and heavy metal. Watch the nearly eight-minute video in the player above.

According to Weinroth-Brown’s YouTube page, “Everything in this track except the drums was recorded on an acoustic cello running through both a Fender Deluxe amplifier with effects pedals and a DI box in addition to a close mic.” Using the amps and effects pedals mimics the heavy guitar sound and gives the cello a complex tone that's fitting for the epic song.

The instrumental clip shows the musician seated behind the cello, on a professionally lit soundstage, rocking out the track from Meshuggah’s 2008 album obZen.

Weinroth-Browne’s YouTube channel is chock full of metal covers including an epic version of Opeth’s “Harvest,” recorded with nine cellos and Lamb of God’s “Walk with Me in Hell.” It’s also not the first time “Bleed” has been covered using an unconventional instrument. Back in 2015, Rishabh Seen performed the song using a sitar.

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