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If you've ever had anything go hopelessly wrong at work, you can relate to the mess the Washington Nationals grounds crew faced on Sunday. We were clued into the debacle you'll see in the video below by my wife's daughter who is in town right now, visiting from Washington DC.

As rain at the top of the sixth inning delayed the game, the grounds crew dutifully began to unroll the tarp in order to protect the field at Nationals Park in DC. Well, they gave it a try.

If 2020 was a tarp ...

As you'll see in the video below from Major League Baseball, the crew struggled to unroll the tarp properly and turned it into a seemingly-hopeless tangled mess.

So a process that would ordinarily be completed by a 15-member grounds crew in a couple of minutes took about 20 minutes -- and ironically, the crew was able to get the tarp spread out over the field about the time the rain let up.

And by the way, it was upside down -- meaning that the sponsor logo that was supposed to be visible to TV viewers was facing the field according to ESPN.

"Sorry if we're not providing more expert commentary here," Nationals TV announcer Bob Carpenter noted during the debacle, "But we feel for those guys and don't want to embarrass them but it's hard to think of anything else to say at this point."

After the painful presentation, the game was eventually suspended with the Baltimore Orioles leading 5-2. The game will resume Friday when the Nationals travel to Baltimore.


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