If you're a fan of yard sales and pet rescues, then you need to make your way to Hudson this Saturday!

If you haven't heard about Wendy's Misfits, well, you're missing out. Wendy's Misfits is an animal rescue based out of Lufkin that helps find people to adopt animals that wouldn't have a chance in a shelter. Wendy Fulghum is the founder of it, and she's really gone out of her way to make sure that any unwanted animal that she comes across will have the chance to find a forever home.

The thing is, running a rescue takes money, and for a non-profit like Wendy's Misfits, it means fundraisers. However, this weekend, there's a chance for you to help out the animals in the pet rescue.

This Saturday, August 5th, Wendy's Misfits will be holding a yard sale at 298 Brenkie Street sale in Hudson to raise funds for vetting, spaying, and neutering pets that they have rescued.

The garage sale kicks off on Saturday morning at 7:00 AM, and will go until noon. They've got all kinds of items that will be sold, from furniture, TVs, clothing of all sizes, home decor, and more. You don't know what you'll find!

To learn more about Wendy's Misfits, you can check Wendy's Misfits Animal Rescue Facebook page, or you can visit the Wendy's Misfits website.



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