We've all seen the funny-looking Google cars driving around, right? But the thing is, we never know WHEN we'll see them. Because of this, you can never plan for them, and get signs or picture-worthy setups for them. But sometimes, you just sort of luck into seeing them. Then you MAKE your picture-worthy setup on the fly.

And that's exactly what we did here at the station. Check it out below:

Google Maps

Did you see it? Check out the Q-Van. Now look at the close-up:

Google Maps

There you have it, thumbs-up and all! We are forever immortalized - or at least until the next update - on Google Maps for all the world to see! Just Google 1216 S. First Street, Lufkin, TX, and look at the street view.

Have you made it onto Google Maps? Let us know in the comments below.