Yes, you read that headline correctly. We are giving away one-year memberships for online gaming for Playstation fans AND Xbox fans!

The biggest component of video games today is the chance to play online with players all over the world. However, that component comes with a price.

These memberships cost about $60 each, which doesn't sound like much over the course of a year, but hey, we're giving it to you FOR FREE.

If you're not a gamer, that's alright, because I'm willing to bet that someone at least semi-close to you is. Whether it's your spouse, children, grandchildren, the kid across the street, can hook them up with one year of online gaming for free.

To get entered to win, go to, click on the "Win Stuff" tab, click on the picture of whichever membership you need - Playstation Plus or Xbox Live - and then get social with us by following us on Twitter, subscribing to our YouTube channel, downloading the Q107 app, etc. By the time it's all said and done, you can actually have up to 16 entries into winning one of these prizes. That's 16 chances to win!

But, you don't have to stop at just one. You can enter to win BOTH of the memberships! So, if you've got both game systems, or if you've got one person on your gift list that plays Playstation and another that plays Xbox, you have to chance to get memberships for BOTH of them! Get entered to win, TODAY!

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