Westworld is a series of many mysteries. The first season of the mind-twisting, timeline-manipulating HBO show left us with a handful of unanswered questions, like, where and when it actually takes place, what the full extent of Ford’s plan was, and so on. But, truth is, those puzzles don’t really matter. We have more crucial questions about this world of now-woke robots, questions about robot poop, robot sex, and where the hell all the churros and turkey legs are in this place – it is a theme park, isn’t it?

With Season 2 bringing Westworld back online this Sunday, ScreenCrush’s editors E. Oliver Whitney and Kevin Fitzpatrick offer up a dozen of the most critical unanswered questions, questions you certainly wondered yourself but were too shy to ask about. Fear not, we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Westworld Season 2 returns this Sunday, hopefully to answer these very essential questions.

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