If you get a bad gift, where did it come from? One in ten people say the in-laws. Think they may have done that on purpose?

A new Consumer Reports survey says aunts and uncles and bosses are pretty bad gift-givers too. And children are also in the top five among the worst gift-givers. Come on, they deserve the benefit of the doubt! While they're little anyway. Once they hit twenty, perhaps it's time for the good gifts and they no longer have the "thought that counts" excuse. What do you do with the lousy gifts?

Consumer Reports says :

Forty-four percent made the best of it
Thirty-nine percent stored it somewhere out of view
Eighteen percent donated it
Fifteen percent re-gifted it

Look out! That last one could explain why you will receive a bad gift this year. It's on its second round.

Two percent of people who receive a less than desirable gift will post a picture of it online. We'll watch for that Monday on Facebook.

Happy holidays!