As I was surfing the web the other day, I came across a pair of customized sneakers. Nothing too exciting, right? Well, wait until you see what's on them.

If you go to the link here you will see the "Whataburger Shoes". That's right, complete with the orange and white colors and the exclusive "W" logo.

Yes, I am a fan of Whataburger - what Texan isn't? But I don't think that I'd be wearing those particular shoes. So, thinking about that started the thought process about what kind of customized shoes I WOULD wear.

After a long, grueling process, one that lasted...oh, I don't know...MAYBE two and a half minutes...I narrowed it down to one local idea. No, it doesn't go with a restaurant. It's not a band. It's doesn't even match my college colors.

If I had to go with a customized shoe, I'd go with a black shoe with red and blue accent colors, and it would have Q107 logos on it.


Call me crazy, but that's how it would be. My customized shoes would match the logo above, and have that same logo plastered on them.

What would your customized sneakers look like? Would they be like the Whataburger shoes? Or would you go with something more personal? Or would you even wear customized shoes at all?

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