We're currently giving away some pretty sweet prizes on our VIP 'Win Stuff' page, and sometimes I go through it and I like to imagine what I would do if I wasn't ineligible to win this stuff.

We've got Visa cards and Amazon gift cards which is pretty much free money ... Money I could use too, dang it!

Here's a few items I've had my eye on over at Amazon.com;

The Pocket Shot - $25 on Amazon.com

Have you seen these little suckers? I think it would be a fun afternoon shooting cans off a fence with one of these bad boys. Check out the video below and tell me you don't want one.

Another thing that I've had my eye on is a new home theater system. Check it out! It's affordable on Amazon, too, especially with an extra $300!

new border

We're also giving away three things that have to do with coffee. How much coffee do we think our listeners need?


If you can get at least one of those prizes, you'll be jamming out to our classic rock station as if it were the '80s again! Well ... maybe not that hard.

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