The research says if you are 24 right now, your happiest age has already passed you!

The happiest age is 23. Agree? That's Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, and a million others. They do seem pretty happy.

This was no small survey. They asked over 23,000 people between the ages of 17 and 85 for the age they were when they were most satisfied, and that's what most people settled on. Oh, and then again at age 69 we get really happy again. We have to wait that long?

Note to self....if you make bad decisions and constantly screw up, you'll face the deepest regrets in your mid 50's, according to this research. Really? It doesn't seem to me that it would take that long to feel bad about things.

Just thought I would pass this along so you can reflect on your own happiness at age 23, or look forward to that age if you're under it now.  I hope you're happy all the time. If not, there's always 69 to look forward to!