Oh my God: They got Kenny. (And Cartman, and Stan, and Kyle and everyone else.)

Starting in the middle of next year, South Park’s new exclusive streaming home will be WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. The news was announced today at a big PR event promoting the upcoming service, which will debut after both Apple TV+ and Disney+ — both of which launch next month — but with some major programming heavy hitters. That now includes all 23 existing seasons of the beloved animated series South Park by Trey Parker and Matt Stone — along with three more seasons that have yet to air, which the press release boasts “will debut on HBO Max 24 hours after each episode premieres on Comedy Central.”

HBO Max calls South Park a corner stone of its “young adult animation” section. It will also include...

...a vast selection of Adult Swim series such as cultural phenomenon The Boondocks, Robot Chicken and more; Crunchyroll’s anime programming; and exclusive U.S. streaming rights to Studio Ghibli, Japan’s Oscar-winning animation house. South Park also joins HBO Max’s slate of generation-defining comedy acquisitions including Friends, The Big Bang Theory and the British version of The Office, among others.

South Park continues to be one of the biggest comedies on cable, even after more than two decades on the air; 44 million viewers tuned in to the show in 2018 alone. HBO Max will begin streaming in May of 2020.

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