Hopefully today isn't a day where you're craving a Baconator or a Dave's Combo, because unfortunately, Wendy's is running out of beef!

Yep, it's the real deal. According to analysts, 1 in 5 Wendy's restaurants are out of beef due to meat shortages across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysts told CNN Business that Wendy's is "more exposed" to the shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic because of its reliance on fresh beef compared with its competitors.

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"As you’ve likely heard, beef suppliers across North America are currently facing production challenge," Wendy's told TEGNA in a statement. "Because of this, some of our menu items may be in short supply from time to time at some restaurants in this current environment. We continue to supply hamburgers to all of our restaurants, with deliveries two or three times a week.

Several people have shared pictures on social media of signs posted on Wendy's restaurant doors about news of the meat shortage. The restaurant chain has acknowledged the shortage and says that they are still serving chicken and side items in the meantime.

There is an explanation though. Several meat processing plants are being forced to close their doors for the time being due to COVID-19 outbreaks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than 4,900 workers at meat and poultry processing facilities have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, including 20 who died.The closures have halted 10% of beef production in the U.S, according to Bloomberg.

Wendy's isn't alone; Kroger has announced it will limit ground beef and fresh pork purchases in some of its stores.

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