Well, it's been nearly one week since Johnny "football" Manziel added another dagger to college athletics.

He should think about a Reality TV future because his antics will definitely take him places.  Can anyone say Johnny Manziel gone wild?

In case you are not a pigskin buff, or don't follow sporting events, Manziel spun so far out of control that the head coach sat him down for the remainder of the game.  It should be noted that Texas A&M was leading handily at the time.

The shroud of controversy over Manziel this summer that has brought extra attention to the star QB, stems from conflicting reports that he signed autographs for money, which is not allowed by the NCAA.

Texas A&M administration appears to be clearly behind Manziel, hiring lawyers and imposing gag orders on the rest of the faculty and players, but maybe it's the schools image they are really trying to protect.

Manziel needs to grow up and stop expecting "mommy" and "daddy" college to run to his defense each time he makes a move so-o-o-o bad that it puts a bullseye on his back.  The kid is truly gifted as quarterback, but his actions the rest of the time are questionable.  He doesn't need a lawyer, but rather a babysitter.

Maybe Skip Bayless can do it:

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