The City of Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department is putting their money where your lights are. Not only are they putting together a Christmas Convoy to take you to all the amazing homes in Lufkin that are lit up for Christmas, but now they are also giving those people that put up all those lights some extra incentive.

They are giving away a $500 VISA gift card courtesy of Siacam Electric for the best of show. There will also be 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

If you haven't put your lights up yet or you have lights leftover that you didn't use, get to lighting every possible place to clinch that award.

Nominate Yourself Or Your Neighbors 

Driving or walking around your neighborhood you must have noticed the houses that did the lights up big this year. You just can't miss the places with multiple inflatables, thousands of lights.

Make sure that everyone knows how much holiday cheer you got from seeing the lights. Take a moment and nominate them to win the $500 VISA gift card. 

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That way the lights will get even bigger next year. It's a major award and is worth a lot more than a leg lamp. If your lights are on point, don't forget to add yourself to the list.

Contest for the City Of Lufkin

This contest is for residents of the City of Lufkin only, so if you don't live in the City Of Lufkin, what can you do? We also have a light-up giveaway and it's open to all of East Texas.

You can enter to win that competition below.

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