Three new songs will be included on an upcoming reissue of Mammoth WVH's debut album.

A digital deluxe edition of the LP, which was released in June 2021, will arrive on Nov. 11. It will feature the bonus track from the Japanese version of the album, "Talk & Walk," plus a pair of previously unreleased tracks, "As Long as You're Not You" and "Goodbye."

A full track listing for the deluxe edition is below.

Mammoth WVH's frontman Wolfgang Van Halen has previously stated that he intends to release another album shortly, possibly sometime in 2023. "Every bit of time off I've had from touring, I started making demos," he said earlier this year, noting that he still has material left over from the first record. "Some of them are kind of different, which is exciting. I want to keep challenging myself and not just keep doing the same stuff. Not crazy different but just different vibes and stuff. Maybe even a little heavier, maybe even a little lighter. Just kind of widen that breadth of what the band can be."

Mammoth WVH is scheduled to tour Europe this fall. The band will then launch a North American trek in January 2023. A complete list of show dates can be found on Mammoth WVH's website.

'Mammoth WVH' Digital Deluxe Edition Track Listing
1. "Mr. Ed"
2. "Horribly Right"
3. "Epiphany"
4. "Don't Back Down"
5. "Resolve"
6. "You'll Be The One"
7. "Mammoth"
8. "Circles"
9. "The Big Picture"
10. "Think It Over"
11. "You're to Blame"
12. "Feel"
13. "Stone"
14. "Distance"
15. "Talk & Walk"
16. "As Long As You’re Not You"
17. "Goodbye"

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