Every local humane society boasts a number of animals who are desperately in need – cats, dogs, birds, and bunnies alike anxiously wait for the day that they find their “forever home.”  The grueling adoption process involves pages of paperwork and hours of valuable time. It would be easier just check and see if there are any animals hanging out in your backyard instead and bring them indoors. Illegal but easier.

At least this was the case for married couple Diane and Bruce Griffin, who were found to be housing both a wild deer and a squirrel when officers in Westmoreland, New York executed a search warrant and found the animals. It was reported the officers were ‘greeted at the door’ by a deer, who we assume invited them in for a cup of coffee.

In addition to the wildlife they also found a pistol without a permit that belonged to Diane Griffith, and a rifle owned by her husband, who also happens to be a convicted felon, and as a result is not allowed to possess firearms.

Needless to say, if you get a dinner invitation over to the Griffith household it’s probably best if you’re busy that night. Send over a nice bouquet of flowers or fruit basket in your place – better yet send some acorns, nuts, grasses, and plants. Somebody will eat them.

[Via WIBX]