“So stop getting on my tip, stop getting on my tip. Like, I’m having a good time.”

These were the words of a young-ish party chick in Lubbock who was out partying with a bunch of people, all while claiming to have coronavirus.


These were the words of a young-ish party chick in Lubbock who was out partying while claiming to have coronavirus. I first heard about this report on TMZ but you know a story has gone viral when it ends up on Forbes magazine dot com, too!

News reports about this story do not give her name, so I am going to call her COVID Clementine until further notice. I am not sure if you want to watch the video because it is filled with a little profanity (video is below).

COVID Clementine is at what appears to be a backyard party, getting her groove on with other people (who are allegedly students of Texas Tech, according to a story from KWTX news). Girlfriend came dressed to kill in her loose-fitting red bikini and Daisy Duke-esque blue jean shorts. Clemmy has got her drank in her red Solo cup, and she appears to be steaming mad at someone who cornered her about being an infectate. (I know that is not a real word but it should be.)

Something or someone apparently set COVID Clementine "AWL the way off", as I say, because she has some very choice words for whoever is watching the video. Perhaps it was someone at the backyard party that rubbed Clem-Clem the wrong way and that made her ask somebody to press record. She had some stuff to get off her chest.

"Everyone's like, 'Don't you have COVID?'" she begins, defensively. "Like, 'Don't you LITERALLY have COVID?'"

It is at this point while watching the video for the first time that I was like, say WHAT, now? Out galavanting at a PARTY and telling people you have COVID-19? That takes some brass. I have second-hand embarrassment for her.

Lubbock TV station, KCBD, reports that even though folks on Twitter claim she is a student at Texas Tech, there is no obvious way to determine that by watching the video. This isn't stopping the dean of students at Texas Tech from setting up an investigation into this matter. I bet he saw that video and heard the Twitter rumors and was like, "Oh, she betta NOT be one of ours! SHE. BETTA. NOT."

Speaking of Twitter, you can view the entire video on this tweet here, posted by user @tayylorcsmith. it has been shared nearly 8,000 times and has over 34,000 likes.

"Yes, I have COVID. The whole [expletive deleted] WORLDT (I spelled like she pronounces it) has COVID. All of these people have COVID! So stop getting on my tip, stop getting on my tip. Like, I’m having a good time.” - COVID CLEMINTINE


The video abruptly ends with Clem-Qui Qui flipping off viewers and snidely uttering the words, "Thank you!"

Ugh, it's people like this that make me lose my sh** sometimes. We have collectively been avoiding most people, places, and things like the plague since the middle of MARCH to protect ourselves and our kids from COVID-19, and then here SHE comes zooming through the party without a care in the world, potentially spreading "The Ronus" around Texas.

This is why we cannot have nice things. If you claim that you "literally have" COVID, freaking stay at HOME!

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