People that are the hardest to buy for will love this gift, and those that seem to have everything can always use one more.  This Christmas present idea could solve all of your gift-giving problems.  

It's anything cozy!

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I'm sure you've noticed the trend so far this year as you've been out shopping in stores and online too.  Cozy things are everywhere!  Blankets, slippers, robes, and enormous, furry stuffed animals that are taller than most 7th-graders.  Cozy things are in, and adults have been asking for them in record numbers.  Apparently, we're feeling a little empty inside and need some cuddle time with soft, inanimate objects that don't talk back.

Most retailers are pushing cozy goods like pajamas for the family, heavy blankets, and Sherpa socks and sweatshirts this season. Maria Rugolo is an apparel industry analyst for NPD Group and said in a company blog that the coziness trend is being emphasized because we're all looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling that we get when we curl up by the fireplace with a blanket and a big mug of hot chocolate.  We'll take "cozy" in any way we can get it.  Maybe this desperate desire to curl up comes from a disconnect that social media, dating apps, and technology can bring.  Whatever the reason, cozy gifts are huge this season and they will probably be under all of our trees.

There are some wild cozy gifts I've seen so far, including microwaveable slippers and full-body sweaters.  I actually have some microwavable slippers that a friend gave me a few Christmases ago, and they really do work.  The slippers are filled with little pebbles that almost get too hot at first, but they are great at solving cold feet problems overall.  The literal ones anyway.  For those of us in Texas that don't like to go outside if the temperature drops below 50, these perfect cozy gifts just might carry us into early March.

This is one national trend that East Texas will support, and the evidence is already coming on social media with all of the cozy family pictures in matching pajamas.  And cozy gifts can totally help our dating lives.  This will be good.

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