I don't know how big of an NFL fan you are, but there was a pretty big announcement made earlier today. Brian McCarthy, an NFL spokesperson tweeted this, along with a picture of him wearing a mask:

For those wondering, yes, it is league-wide: fans at NFL games this season will be required to wear face coverings

That means that if you are attending an NFL game this season, you HAVE to be wearing a face covering, due to COVID-19.

But, that's just NFL. Nothing - at least that I have found - has been said about college events. As of right now, there are still plans for college sporting events to take place. Our very own Stephen F. Austin State University has their first football game scheduled to take place on September 12th, against Southern Methodist University.

But again, nothing has been said, so far.

Considering that many stores such as Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot, Lowes and others are requiring people to wear facemasks to be allowed inside, and with this new announcement coming from the NFL, I can't see colleges doing anything different.

Sure, it'll be strange - and probably "somewhat" quieter - with fans wearing masks, but hopefully they'll still be able to go to the game and enjoy it.

Have you heard anything about colleges requiring masks for sporting events, even if they're outdoors? And, do you have any opinion on whether they should or should not require them for the events? Feel free to drop those in the comment section below!

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