Perhaps you've never met most of your Facebook friends.  We have a feeling you're not alone.  One guy is setting out to change that.

And we must say, even though we may not have personally met each and every one of you, we love and adore you just the same!

There's a guy in Connecticut who has set out on a quest to meet each of his 788 Facebook friends, and take a picture with them doing their favorite activity.  Whether it's horseback riding, playing basketball, or drinking beer, this guy will have a picture of each person doing that favorite thing on his Facebook page.

He's already raised $5000 toward the trip expenses, through

CNN reported Thursday, "There's no more hiding behind social media," according to Ty Morin.  Ty is on a quest to see each Facebook friend in person and have a face-to-face conversation.  Imagine that!  He may actually like and get to know these people, and become friends with his Facebook friends.

As of yesterday, Ty only had 788 friends to meet.  As this story spreads we have a feeling he'll have to meet a whole lot more.  He may be starting a movement!  Stay tuned.