10 Reasons Why We Love Texas
Let's see if we can do this without mentioning brands like Shiner, Whataburger, Justin Boots, and Buc-ee's, that just scream Texas. Ok, we already can't do it. But what things do you love about Texas, besides our awesome products? Think wildflowers and wide open sky, and add to our…
Breakups Just Got Easier on Social Media
So you fall in love, follow each other on social media, like all of each other's posts, and then break up.
But now you can limit the posts your ex sees about you, on at least one social media site.
Back-To-School Pics Dominate Facebook
I love looking at all the back-to-school pics on social media this time of year.
One of my sassy, fun (and kid-less) Facebook friends posted this on Monday, "Um...Did school start?" Haha! What makes you say that?!
Yeah...maybe we parents are guilty of overloading Facebook with backpa…
Facebook Grants a Father’s Rock and Roll Wish
As anyone with a Facebook account probably already knows, the social media giant is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and they've been honoring it by giving members "look back" videos that sum up their time on the service with a heartwarming series of pictures set to…

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