When I hear about the wasteful spending going on in Washington, D.C., like giving billions of dollars to Egypt, it fries me that some buck-a-roos can't be set aside for the cure of Cancer.

In my hey day, Syphilis and Gonorrhea were the bad boys, but now, Cancer is everywhere, and while strides are being made to combat this killer, we still have not yet found the magic bullet.

We fly astronauts to a space home residing somewhere between Earth and Mars. We live in the Super Bowl of technological advancement.  Fotomat is history, land line telephones are next, and virtual outlets, like "Seize the Deal", at Q1077.com, has replaced the traditional walk-in shopping experience.

While I'm not a conspiracy theorist by title, there appears to be viable evidence supporting a Cancer cover-up in this nation.  Think about this and it may make sense.  Discover a cure for Cancer and the pharmaceutical giants get smashed in the money keister.  Then, Oncology docs could perfect their golf game, and hospitals specializing in this field, would have to turn treatment rooms into a Bed and Breakfast hotel.

We just lost Bonnie Franklin (One Day At A time), and now Valerie Harper, the star of the "Mary Tyler Moore" spin-off "Rhoda", has valiantly disclosed that brain cancer will take her life in less than six months.  She previously battled lung cancer four years ago, although a lifelong non-smoker.  Harper is 73 years old.