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A Baby Changes Everything for the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus became a father last summer, so the off season has been full of spit up, late-night feedings, and smelly diaper changes. Glamorous! But Rangers fans can be excited knowing that Elvis expects fatherhood to make him an even better player this season.
Cinemark is Testing a New Subscription Plan
It's $8.99 per month, and it's an effort to get more of us into the theater seats instead of sitting at home and streaming movies on other platforms. But does the subscription guarantee us a seat at some of the big crowded blockbusters, like Star Wars? We have questions.
Your Favorite Zombie Apocalypse Show Films in Austin Today
The weather is fantastic in Texas this week, and some TV producers are taking advantage of these happy, bright sunny days to film a dark and intense TV series. And one surprise actor is in Austin to be part of it as they add his character back into the story.

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