Obviously enough is NOT being done about the war on terrorism, and whether the cowards who set-off the blasts are the domestic type, or from one of the many countries spewing hate for America, this afternoon's explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon is yet another wake-up call to fire a majority of the politicians in Washington and start over!

The real story here is yet another tragedy that should have been averted.  How can this keep happening to the U.S. over and over again?  Will someone please, PLEASE pay attention to North Korea and Iran.  Two defiant nations hellbent on an aggressive nuclear agenda of Earth's domination.

So far, two dead, and over twenty injured on of the most revered days in Massachusetts history.  Since 1897, the Boston Marathon has been run on the third Monday in April, known as "Patriots Day".

Race organizers counted nearly 27,000 entrants this year, with a special marker denoted at mile twenty-six, representing the 26 victims of the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre last December.

What was first thought to be a fireworks display by some, two explosions, being reported as only seconds apart, rocked the marathon shortly before 2 p.m. Texas time, sending hurt spectators into tents designed for runners with exhaustion.

This story is still breaking.  The explosions were caught on video: