Whew!  We made it through the holiday weekend traffic jams.  It definitely seemed like there were plenty more people on Highway 59 over the three-day weekend, and Loop 287 too.  Everybody was out camping, fishing, or doing something else that put them in our way on the roads.

Did you notice any bad drivers?  And if you did, were they male or female?  Guys will swear women are the worst drivers, and ladies will say men are the worst.  Can a little research settle this argument once and for all?

A new study says women most often fail driving tests over parking issues.  In this study pool, there were 3,367 parking errors made by women, while guys made a mere 1500 parking mistakes.  Ok, can we just outlaw parallel parking forever?  It's too hard anyway.  Let's just park diagonally all the time, and make the parking spaces wider while we're at it so we're not gobbled up by those enormous SUVs that tend to bleed over into our space.  It's not our fault, it's the system.

Guys fail driving tests most often because they don't read road signs, don't look at mirrors, and drive recklessly.  So there!  Your driving skills aren't "all that" either fellas.

Turns out, we're all bad drivers and this doesn't settle squat.  The debate continues, and both sexes will go on arguing their driving skills are supreme.  Maybe the gals should drive on the highway and guys should park the car for us...