It was only one preseason game, and while the Dallas Cowboys got sweeping accolades from Sunday Night Football announcers Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, a 24-20 victory over the hapless Miami Dolphins, preseason or otherwise, did nothing to definitively mark the future success of this years' Cowboy team.

Grabbing the lead 7-0 after the Dolphins fumbled deep in their territory, and before I could put mustard on my hotdog, was an outcome that one would highly expect from a professional football team.  Make the other guys severely pay for their mistake by scoring seven, not three, in the red zone.  The other bright spot for the 'boys were the cheerleaders, who were in exceptional form last night.

Granted Tony Romo did not play (coming off of back surgery), but the Cowboy defense was by far the more stellar than the offense, so 24 points per game may be good enough to win the division, but only if Dallas plays the likes of Miami  each week, and the defense can account for half the points scored.

Bottom line, even with Romo, it is going to take more than a stadium re-branding (Cowboys Stadium is now AT&T Stadium), to make the Cowboys competitive again.

Can anyone say an 8-8 record?