Being a pure bred classic rocker, I decided to go non-traditional Christmas morning, and plop "A Very Brady Christmas" into the VCR.  Yes - you read accurately - "A Very Brady Christmas" and VCR in the same sentence!

That element of fun was rudely interrupted at around 9:30 in the morning, when before I could hit "play", the Weather Channel announcers blasted onto my television screen, warning in earnest of an impending Severe Weather threat, highlighted by a "bow echo" embedded into the Doppler Radar imaging.

Translation:  A possible tornado could be on final approach into Lufkin, and My "Very Brady Christmas" just turned into "A Very Scary Christmas".

No reason to panic I thought, after all, the visual display being described from "The Severe Weather Desk" only indicated bright purple.  About that same time, a tree from the forest behind my home splintered like a twig and fell on top of another tree, and as I was readying for tree domino's, sheets of rain and pea sized hail began pelting every window, obscuring any visibility, with the exception of my lounge chair and garbage can rolling down the street.

Being my first experience facing potential life threatening conditions of this magnitude, I grabbed blankets, pillows and Ho Ho's (remember, it's Christmas day), and rode out the storm in my bedroom closet.

Give me an earthquake any day since there is no time to panic; only about 45 seconds of sheer terror.  At least you don't know it's coming, and when it does strike you go into survival, then hopefully, post-survival mode.

And, this just in, more rain is on the docket for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!