Guys, most of us can relate to the cheerleader in high school story right?  In my school, the babes had three categories.  They were "burning hot", "scorching" and "flame-throwing delicious", and getting one to acknowledge my existence was much like the first half of this 1987 movie:

Sadly, those four years of being part of the high school nerd squad, are coming back to haunt me again.  But, just as the first seven seasons have come and gone with me settling in front of HD channel 259, season number eight will have me perched with bugged out eyes as I scour the landscape of "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team", beginning Friday, September 6 at 8 PM.

With 37 slots available, you can be assured of a knock down, drag out, no holds barred competition, similar to roller derby without the fake fighting, and as life in Dallas moves quickly for the women, they come to realize through the beauty of camera work, that becoming a cheerleader is not all about the attractiveness, but a journey of physical agility, mental competency, and emotional integrity (that's what 'they' say).

Perhaps the most humorous of these tryouts is bringing in a world renowned "designer" to handle the cheerleader "image", which includes showing the newbies how to dress?  Really?  Seems like the only hard part here is fitting into the uniform.

Married?  Have a steady?  Guys make your excuses now while there is still plenty of time to explain why you can't spend that Friday night (September 6) with her.  For the rest of you that are unattached, start cleaning the man cave.