26 years after becoming a mainstay, the Nacogdoches Boys Ranch is closing shop.  Plain and simple, the well has run dry.

The residential treatment center, and home for boys does not have enough money to continue operation, and that means a much needed facility helping those through the pain of neglect, abuse and abandonment, will be unable to provide the support needed to "save" the lives of these kids.

Opened in '86, donations were the benchmark for keeping the "ranch" in business, but since a $400,000 reduction in budget transpired from last year, the inevitable will be punctuated on June 6.

The impending shut down also means that six teachers (Woden ISD) whom handle the boys education may lose their jobs as well.

Right now, there are 23 boys to be placed in other locations, and since this task may not conclude by the June 6 deadline, those boys not yet placed, will remain on the "ranch" until all have been moved, without interruption of care.