I took an informal Facebook poll yesterday and asked for things that drive you crazy on the road.  It was inspired by the new research that says women most often fail driving tests over problems with parking, and men fail over reckless driving issues.

Here's what Facebook revealed about the things that really drive you crazy on the roads.  Your pet peeves are:

1.  Failing to use a blinker

2.  Pulling out in front of you

3.  Going under the speed limit

4.  Moving to the left when turning right

5.  Leaving brights on, or not having headlights when it's starting to get dark.

I'm sure you can add to the list!  Oh, texting and driving was another common pet peeve.  You think you're being so sneaky about it, but if you glance down at your lap and one hand is missing from the wheel, we know you're messing with your phone.

The summer driving season is on, and as we learned over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, there are tons of people out there going on camping and fishing trips, and clogging up the roads.  You all have a right to get where you're going, but we just wish you would turn on your darn blinker.  Drive safely!