Because of the growth spurt and access to technology in recent years, we have brand new ways to drive people nuts.

We know texting and driving is totally taboo and we should never, under any circumstances, do it. What about texting and parking? Huge new pet peeve.

When you get in the car at Lufkin  Mall, and another car in the crowded parking lot thinks you're about to leave, it waits for you. And waits, and waits, and waits. Because you're texting. It takes time to insert the emoticons and to correct the nonsense that auto-fill comes up with, and during that time the person waiting for your parking spot goes insane. Unless of course, that person is busy texting too.

Becky Worley with Yahoo News says that's just one of the new tech-based pet peeves to pop up over the past few years.

Others include:

Spamming your friends' walls on Facebook. Posts on a friend's wall should be limited to congrats, birthday wishes, and messages of support, according to Becky. In other words, don't advertise there that you've started selling Mary Kay.

Talking in public restrooms. It's loud and disturbing when you answer the phone in there.  It's said to be especially annoying in men's restrooms because, well, you're much more out in the open there.  Women have stalls, and the illusion of privacy.

We are SO connected to our phones now! How did we ever survive without them? In some ways, perhaps we were better off back then. At least it was quicker to park, and public restrooms were much quieter.