I was driving on a Lufkin street yesterday, inside a neighborhood community that's eluded me since moving here - in other words, I got lost.

Anyway, during this scenic getaway, and while cruisin' at speeds which would have made my granddaddy Mick St. Nick feel proud, I slowed the Pinto to a crawl so as to admire a flag waving in the soft breeze.

Somehow this brought back memories of high school history classes, when memorizing flags was part of the curriculum.  But 34 years away from this assignment, didn't jar my brain cells any.  I was fixated on this array of a brightly multicolored arrangement, like almost -- being in a trance, and because Columbo is my favorite detective show, it got me thinking...

...is it legal in this country to fly a flag that is not made in the U.S.A.?  Thanks to Steve Knight from the Lufkin Daily News, I didn't have to turn the Internet upside down in search of an answer, because just like Columbo, this upset me to the point where I couldn't sleep.

According to Steve, a foreign flag may be displayed at a private residence, but laws in the United States code pertaining to the American flag prohibit another country's flag to hang above the "Stars and Stripes".  In this freedom of speech case, separate flag poles are to be used.

Oh...now I remember...that flag flying over the house...

The "Jolly Roger"!